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Alongside Team MARCELA, we immersed ourselves in her branding. In the upcoming period, prepare for an infusion of pop with a black leather jacket. We conducted a press photo shoot, created artwork for her debut single, developed the music video, and crafted media content, seamlessly transforming the music and concepts into a unified visual world.

Year: 2023

Collaboration: Visual strategy, brandbook, concepts, production, artworks

Art director:
Anne Pater

Photographer: Kim de Hoop
MUAH: Carmelita

Styling: Marcela
BTS: Daniël van den brink & Dèlano

Concept & art direction: Anne Pater
Graphic design: Mark van der Sluis



Directed by: Anne Pater

Produced by: Marcela Oroši, Délano Ladurner, Daniël van den Brink & Anne Pater Video concept: Marcela Oroši, Anne Pater (

Director: Anne Pater (

D.O.P.: Roderik Patijn Camera operator: Nino Kennis Gaffer: Thijs Besteman MUAH: Carmelita Bianca

Video editor: Stefan Rokvić Colorist, Nikola Marinković

Styling: Marcela Oroši Special

FX: Daniël van den Brink Set Assistants: Délano Ladurner, Fran Kurtović Special Thanks: Studio Automat, Danijela Furčić


Team MARCELA and Anne are collaborating on the following components:
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