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Eline Mann is making her debut as Loen in 2023. We have worked on her visual foundation as a brand through various brainstorming sessions. Following that, we designed a cohesive house style and logo. Based on the visual foundation, we photographed the artwork for her EP 'Hoi Ik Ben Loen' with a full team, under my guidance. I then had graphic additions designed for the artwork. For each single, I collaborate on marketing materials and visuals for the press. And offcourse we created the visuals of her show in Paradiso. 
tshirt design loen.png

Year: 2022 / heden

Collaboration: Visual strategy, concepts, production, artworks

Art director:
Anne Pater

Photographer: Kim de Hoop
MUAH: Elise Monsanto

Styling: Carolijn Hooij
BTS: Misha Wong & Sophien Ziel

Artwork & Lyrics video:
Concept & art direction: Anne Pater
Graphic design: Mark van der Sluis

Content video:

Camera & edit: Peter Hoogeveen

Assistance & art direction: Anne Pater

Loen and Anne are collaborating on the following components:
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